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      The purpose of this magazine is to serve as a source of encouragement by sharing the testimonies of those who are willing to share their struggles and found a way to survive.

     There is always a unique journey designed for everyone’s life. Especially when the Lord is allowed to reveal your direction and you follow it. Those specific instructions will be placed deep in your heart and will continue to manifest as you open your heart and mind for the Holy Spirit to move.

     When you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, He begins to reveal the plan He has set aside just for you. Your mission is only to answer the call and begin to follow the plan. During the process He will (1) provide you with instructions (2) provide you with the resources (3) lead you to the ones who will be able to aid you in the process and (4) give you the strength and the will to complete the mission.

      However, along this journey you must daily read His Word to gain instructions for your journey, pray for your eyes to see what God is doing, open your ears to hear just what he is saying, and allow your heart to receive the blessings He will send your way. The journey that God has intended for you will definitely be a blessing when you always remember that He is the one who gets all the glory from using you as a vessel to reveal His promises through love.

     The magazine titled “Hope for Today” has been a journey for a long time resting in my heart and mind. My goal has always been to encourage someone along my journey. Therefore, February 2009 was the first publication of the magazine. As I review each magazine published, I know that it was only the Lord who has provided the way and means to fulfill this mission in my life. He has provided the resources through instruction and many people who were placed in my life to assist with this magazine. Many have assisted through prayers, encouragement, information and financial contributions. I say thank you to everyone who allowed the Lord to lead them to support this ministry.

     Here are a few of the magazines that were published since 2009. We are in the process of preparing for our next issue. The journey may have been delayed, but it is not over.

Cheryl Riddick



Hope for Today Magazines

February/April 2001 Issue

February/May 2010

Winter 2016 Issue

February/April 2009 Issue

July/September 2010 Issue

21st Anniversary Issue - September 2021

August/October 2009 Issue

May/July 2011 Issue

Hope For Today - 

February 2022 Issue

May/July 2009 Issue

October/January 2011 Issue​

College Student Presentation Experience

It is always very important to be available to share wherever God leads you to go in your life. It took me almost 20 years to receive my Associates Degree because of various issues causing me to stop and start again. However through that experience I met some awesome people along with gaining a deeper insight for what is needed in our journey.

I was afforded the opportunity to speak at two colleges sharing a message of hope.  One college asked me to share with the students about black poets since I was a poet. The other college asked me to share about Overcoming Challenges from Discouragement to Success. These are two areas that have had a major impact in my life. The three key areas to focus on are:  (1) You must have a vision, (2) it is very important to believe and then (3) you can press forward. 

My goal will always be to provide Hope to everyone I meet during my journey.



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