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A National Silver and Gold Poet Award winner, Cheryl received this esteem honor in 1988, 1989 and 1991 by the World of Poetry

Named Best Poet of 90’s by U.S. Library of Congress of Washington, DC

Published in 3 anthologies

Wrote 13 books - 9 are poetry

Named Poet Laureate of Prudential Insurance Company – Millville, NJ

Also named poet Laureate of the City of Bridgeton by Mayor Albert Kelly 2010

Poem "Don't Give Up" Published in "A Positive Approach Magazine - 1989

(It is A National Christian Magazine for the Physically Challenged Person)

Poem "Dear Mom" Published in Volume II of "From then ...Til Now by Poetry  Press  -1990

9 Poetry Books

A Crown of Glory (2006)

Endless Joy (1999)

Voice of Inspiration (1993)

The Waiting World (1990)

Spreading Some Sunshine (1989, 1992)

Thoughts of Inspiration (1989)

Poems of Prudential Employees (1988)

It’s In the Stone (2017)

Vision of Promises (2014)

(Although some of the books may not be available at this time, my goal within in the next 2 years is to revise and republish.)

My love for writing began at the age of 15. It all started when I was asked to write love letters for my friends. One day one of my teachers in High School caught me passing a letter in class. After reading it, he stated how talented I was and encouraged me to take the Creative Writing Class. I was a little hesitant. His words to me were, "If you take that course I will not report you to your mother." My mother was a stickler about our behavior in school. Since she knew so many in the educational field, and I did not want to disappoint her, I decided to take the course. 


As you can see, this direction of my life became full bloom. The experience I gained in that class planted a seed that is still growing.


During those fifty years I have written so much. Poetry is my #1 area of love for writing. Through this experience I have written various poems which includes: birthdays, anniversaries (ministry, weddings, employment, church), sympathy, get well, encouragement, support, family, parenting and so much more.


In 2019, I was also afforded the opportunity to establish my own line of Greeting Cards titled "Words of Inspiration by Cheryl." The first set included 30 different cards for Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy, Encouragement and Thinking of You. My goal is to add to my line of cards by 2022. I am still praying about what type of cards to add to the collection. 


God has truly blessed this area of my life. I give Him all the glory for every accomplishment He has placed in my journey. I am prepared to go deeper in His request for my life. 

Cheryl Riddick was named Poet Laureate for the City of Bridgeton, New Jersey by Mayor Albert Kelly in 2010. She was also afforded the opportunity to share in the Mayor's Inauguration 2010 and continues sharing her poetry for each special event in the city of Bridgeton. 

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