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It's In The Stone

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A book about self-love and growth for young ladies.


Suggested ages: 7 & up

Also available on Amazon.


A 31-Day Devotional which provides 31 days of inspirational messages of hope, encouragement and guidance. This devotional shares special insights from God’s Word regarding how to survive from the pitfalls of destruction. It will also lead you in the right direction to receiving God’s blessings during your journey. Each message relates to the everyday situations you may experience.

Cost $7.00 plus shipping and handling.

A heartfelt personal testimony of hope for those who are struggling with the daily issues of life and contemplate giving up from time to time. This book will provide hope during your darkest hour.

Cost: $9.99 plus shipping handling.

Vision of Promises

A collection of poems written and published to illuminate the promises of God. Each poem will inspire and encourage you to trust and believe the promises of God as you walk this daily journey. The scriptures chosen for this publication will remind you that God is faithful.

Cost: $6.00 plus shipping and handling.


21 Day Prayer Journal


As a mother whose daughter ran away from home and returned several years later, this book offers spiritual encouragement and hope for families who have dealt with a runaway and for runaways themselves as they seek direction and guidance.

Cost $7.00 plus shipping and handling.

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